Sass Bites Interview

Micah Godbolt and Elyse Holloday were kind enough to have me as one of their guest on Sass Bites in a series about Front End Architecture. read more

A Punk Handbill for the Twenty-first Century with SVG

Making fliers for my high school punk bands is probably the first step I took on the path to becoming a web developer. Since it was the early two thousands I pieced together a working knowledge of photoshop instead of... read more


A few years ago some close friends and I started a band named remainder. We were always spread across two or three cities, but for a good while it was well worth the effort. Eventually we grew tired of the... read more

Styleguide Generator Roundup

Styleguides for websites are by no means a new idea, but they are more easily talked about than implemented, which is why people are still advocating for them. read more

Responsive Typographic Modular Scale with Sass

I was relieved when I first came across Tim Brown's talk on typographic modular scale and his accompanying tool. For a non-designer like me, it takes the guess work out of deciding upon font sizes. Team Sass's sass plugin makes... read more

Developing Locally with Typekit,, and Browsersync

Recently I ran in to an interesting problem. When you initialize a new "kit" on typekit you are prompted to enter a list of domains that your kit will be allowed to function properly on. Typically you would enter the... read more