A portrait of me in my home in Braddock, PA. Circa 2010
credit: Melodie McDaniel


I have lived in and around DC for most of my life. The fierce do it yourself spirit of local bands I encountered as a teenager drove me to start my own bands, book shows, and make flyers. I enjoyed that degree of control over my creative process, so I taught myself how to make websites for my and my friends' bands. While I worked a stint as a systems administrator my hobby grew into a passion. I enjoy the challenge of crafting performant, responsive, and accessible websites; I'm lucky that it provides me with a living, and I'm currently employed as a web developer by the National Geographic Society.

You can say short things to me at @xiwcx and you can say longer things to me at welch.canavan@gmail.com.


This website is built with Jekyll, Grunt, Sass, and Compass. It was scaffolded with Generator Jekyllrb and is deployed to Github Pages using Grunt Build Control.

This site also uses a wealth of other ruby gems, bower packages, and grunt plugins. Feel free to dig around in the source.